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Clients’ Testimonials

Austin Gleeson Reduces Milk Fever to Zero at Grass

Two years ago, on the herd of John and Kieran Kelleher in Macroom, where Austin Gleeson is a farm manager, milk fever was a serious issue. The 100 cow herd is both spring (60%) and autumn (40%) calving. When cows were at …

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Flowmag and Flowtrace

Dr. Patrick Meehan invited us to his farm to see the impact Flowmag and Flowtrace have had on his herd in reducing costly death from grass tetany. Using a Dosatron pump Patrick administered Flowmag through the water syst …

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Fresh Cow YMCP

Donie Ryan (pictured) on his farm in Knocklong, Co Limerick. Since Donie started using YMCP: ‘Not one cow has been treated for Milk Fever, and now 90% of cows pass their cleanings, and much faster than before’.

Donie Ryan, Co Limerick.
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Ruminlix BoviMin 365 and MasterVet Bolus

“The biggest challenge on the farm is that of keeping sufficient body condition on the cows throughout the year. To make this happen I need to provide high quality forages and to ensure that their mineral balance is corr …

Michael Mitchell, Co Mayo.
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Bacticube – A Broad Spectrum Cubicle Lime

Mervyn McRoberts and his son Philip (pictured) have been using Bacticube for the last few years. The cows are housed for seven months of the year, bringing health challenges which can often be reflected in somatic cell c …

Mervyn McRoberts, County Antrim.
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Mastervet Bolus – Protecting your Investment at Breeding Time

Situated both south of Ballybunion and west of Listowel lies the Gortinare Pedigree Herd. Liam and Kevin Quilter are milking 110 Holstein Friesian cows, averaging 8,400 litres with a milk solids production of 637kg/year …

Liam Quilter, Gortinare, Lixnaw, Co Kerry
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Fresh Cow YMCP – Proves its worth on Meath Dairy Farm

Brian Meade milks 80 spring calving cows with his father Dennis at Rathkennny in Co Meath. Last year the herd averaged 1,200 gallons at 4.06% fat and 3.46% protein.

Brian Meade, Rathkenny, Co Meath
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ImmuBoost Ewe and Lamb: the Ultimate Pre-Lambing Boost

Producing as many high quality finished lambs – as early in the season as possible – is the fundamental flock management objective for Co Donegal sheep producer Stewart Thompson. “And that means giving newborn lambs the …

Stewart Thompson, Ballybofey, Co Donegal
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FlowMag Fertility & T.E. Delivers Results on Cork Dairy Farm

Grass tetany is a more than significant threat on every Irish dairy farm at this time of the year. But throw in the added challenge of farming in a high molybdenum area and one quickly gets a feeling for the absolute nec …

David and Ann Moore, Midleton, Co Cork
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Fresh Cow YMCP – Helping Prevent Metabolic Disorders

Preventing just one case of a displaced abomasum within an average size dairy herd will more than cover the cost of treating each freshly calved cow with ‘Fresh Cow YMCP™’ , the post-calving nutritional drink now availab …

Michael Broderick, Watergrasshill, Co Cork - Nov 2012
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