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Fresh Cow YMCP

Fresh Cow YMCP

Complementary dietetic mineral supplement for freshly calved dairy cows.

Donie Ryan milks 70 spring calving cows on the family farm near Knocklong in Co. Limerick. Donie began using YMCP in the spring of 2013, as he was aware of silage quality issues and an increased risk of milk fever.
The transition period around calving is a high-risk time for the dairy cow – low dry matter intake (DMI) coupled with the nutrient requirements of milk production can predispose the cow to a number of metabolic disorders. Often referred to as the gateway disorder, Milk Fever is critical to prevent in freshly calved cows as it can lead to further issues such as retained placenta, ketosis, and displaced abomasum.

Previously Donie would have always had a few cases of milk fever every spring, with a number of cows holding their cleanings as well. This has all changed since Donie started using YMCP: ‘Not one cow has been treated for Milk Fever, and now 90% of cows pass their cleanings, and much faster than before’. Donie also noted that since using YMCP, even after hard calvings cows are cleaning much better and are not suffering problems.
Every animal that calves on the farm gets approx. 500 grams of YMCP, mixed with 19 litres of warm water, straight after calving. Donie emphasised that he finds it very important to use warm water, and he always makes sure YMCP is the first drink cows get after calving – if this is done, Donie said ‘they lick the bucket clean’. Fresh Cow YMCP has a new and improved flavour to help with intakes/ palatability.

Donie removes the water troughs in the calving pen so that each cow will drink the Fresh Cow YMCP first before drinking any plain water. It is important that Fresh Cow YMCP is the first drink taken after the cow gives birth to the calf.”

YMCP has been specifically designed to give the freshly calved cow the best possible start to her lactation, preventing metabolic disorders and the associated losses in milk production and fertility. Available in easy-to-use sachets, 500g of YMCP should be dissolved in 19 litres of warm water and given to cows immediately after calving. The key ingredients in YMCP are;

• Yeast serves to “activate” the rumen and kick start the digestive system of the freshly calved cow, helping to improve DMI , increase rumen fill, which reduces the risk of Displaced Abomasum occurring.
• Magnesium helps to improve calcium metabolism and can buffer the rumen to help prevent acidosis, which can occur as the diet changes from a Dry Cow mix to the Milking Cow ration.
• Calcium aids in the prevention of Milk Fever and Retained Placenta as well as improving the all-important smooth muscle function – contraction of the uterus, correct rumen function and teat canal opening and closure.
• Potassium helps maintain electrolyte balance, regulate blood pH and also impacts on energy metabolism and smooth muscle tone.
• Niacin impacts on liver health and function, while Zinc, Selenium and Vitamins A and E contribute to improved immunity.

Optimum intake tips
• Reduce access to water to ensure Fresh Cow YMCP is the first drink for cow after calving.
• Place bucket next to calf.
• Ensure tepid water is mixed with Fresh Cow YMCP.

Fresh Cow YMCP is available for sale here.

For further information on Fresh Cow YMCP, please visit http://www.nutribio.ie or call (021) 450 7303.