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Fresh Cow YMCP – Proves its worth on Meath Dairy Farm

Fresh Cow YMCP – Proves its worth on Meath Dairy Farm

Brian Meade milks 80 spring calving cows with his father Dennis at Rathkennny in Co Meath. Last year the herd averaged 1,200 gallons at 4.06% fat and 3.46% protein.

“Our aim is to increase cow numbers over the coming years, courtesy of our own breeding programme,” Brian confirmed.

“Obviously, all of this depends on land availability and the milk market post quotas.”

Calving started this year at the end of January and, despite the poor weather of recent weeks, Brian and Dennis have been able to get the fresh calvers out on to the grazing paddocks during daylight hours.

“Grass covers are good on most parts of the farm at the present time. Our core objective is to produce as much milk as possible from grazed grass,” Brian continued.

“We are currently using Kiwi bulls on the herd, aiming to breed an average sized cow that will best suit our system. We normally feed 400 kilos of meal per head, per lactation. Last year, however, that figure rose to 800 kilos because of the very poor grazing conditions that persisted throughout the entire summer.”

And it is the hangover from previous years that is giving both Brian and Dennis most cause for concern at the present time.

“We have had problems with retained cleanings and milk fever in the past,” Dennis commented.

“Despite all our best efforts the cows are probably under a degree of nutritional stress at the present time, particularly where minerals and trace elements are concerned. The reality is that they have had to endure a very tough twelve months.

“This time last year we asked our local Co-operative Animal Health representative John Cumiskey to advise us on how best to prevent the problem of retained cleanings and milk fever from arising in the first place.

“He recommended that we offer Fresh Cow YMCP to each cow, directly after calving. We took his advice and the approach worked well. In fact, the one cow in the herd to come down with milk fever last spring was the only animal not to get the YMCP drink.

“Given last year’s results, each cow in the herd will get Fresh Cow YMCP immediately after calving this spring.”

John Cumiskey called in with Brian and Dennis Meade earlier this week.

John explained. “Preparing it is a very straightforward process.  Simply mix 1 x 500g sachet with 19 litres of warm drinking water and offer to the cow directly after calving.

Brian Meade is quick to confirm that they have had no problem getting their fresh calvers to take the Fresh Cow YMCP

He added “The use of Fresh Cow YMCP also gives me the reassurance that each cows gets all of the minerals she requires, prior to re-joining the milking group. Getting a freshly calved cow off to the best possible start is crucially important.

“If necessary, we can add the YMCP powder to the cow’s meal and she will take it in that form. Alternatively, we can also sprinkle the powder on the newborn calf’s back, which means that the mother can then lick it.”

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