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ImmuBoost Supreme and the Fertility Challenge

ImmuBoost Supreme and the Fertility Challenge

ImmuBoost Supreme Pre-Calver

Melvyn Mooney milks 200 cows at Templederry, between Thurles and Nenagh in North Co. Tipperary.  The business is totally focused on producing as much milk as possible from grazed grass.

“The type of cow I am working with, has the ability to produce high levels of milk solids”  Melvyn explained.

“The EBI of the current herd currently stands at 153.  Calving will commence at the beginning of February, with the objective of having all cows back in the milking herd, within nine weeks of this date”

Despite the terrible grass growth in 2012, Melvyn managed to get one very big crop of silage made at the beginning of June.

“There will be over 400 head of stock to feed on the farm this winter” he added.

We started bringing in the young stock at the beginning of October, which means that the 2012/2013 feeding season will be one month longer than would normally be the case.  That said, I should have enough silage to get me through.  Forage quality though is another issue altogether.  I will be getting my test results back shortly.”

“Despite the challenges of managing the cows, during what has been one of the most challenging years in living memory, the fertility targets set for the herd will be met in full”.

“Our current calving interval is 364 days.  The most recent scanning results confirm that we will maintain this level of breeding performance into 2013”  Melvyn  further explained.

Melvyn traditionally dries the cows off, a full two months before calving.  He firmly believes that the management practise followed in the ensuing eight weeks, will determine the level of milk output and fertility performance, achieved by the cows during their subsequent lactations.

As far as Melvyn is concerned, ensuring that the cows receive their full mineral and vitamin requirements, in the run up to calving is crucially important.  He consults with his Co-Operative Animal Health Representative, Pat Loughman for advice on the matter.

“Melvyn offers the cows Nutribio’s ImmuBoost X-Mag Vit E (6k) Supreme Pre-Calver Mineral throughout the dry period,” Pat explained.

“It can be spread on top of the silage or put through a feeder wagon. ImmuBoost Supreme Pre-Calver Mineral contains high levels of Bioplex Copper and Zinc, plus all of the other crucial trace elements, mineral and vitamins required by breeding stock in the run up to calving.

“The reality is that Melvyn is managing a herd that must calve down within a certain number of weeks in the early Spring, otherwise his business plan will fall asunder.

“ImmuBoost X-Mag Vit E (6k) Supreme Pre-Calver Mineral has worked to ensure that cows calve down in peak condition. They are ready to milk well at grass and will come back into calf when required. Calves are also born with plenty of thrive.”

Melvyn went on to point out that cutting costs during the dry period is a false economy. “It is crucially important to feed a high quality mineral to the herd in the run up to calving,” he concluded.

“My business plan stands or falls on the basis of me getting cows prepared properly for the dry period and the run up to calving. That, as far as I am concerned, means getting body conditions scores right at drying off and ensuring that everything possible is done to meet the cows’ trace element and vitamin requirements thereafter. Offering the cows a high quality mineral, such as ImmuBoost X-Mag Vit E (6k) Supreme Pre-Calver Mineral, during the dry period should be regarded as an investment and not just an additional cost!”

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