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ImmuBoost Pre-Calver – the Pre-Calver Mineral of Choice in Co Galway

ImmuBoost Pre Calver – the Pre-Calver Mineral of Choice in Co Galway

The townland of Conagher, near the village of Milltown in North Co Galway, is home to John Waldron. Even the briefest of visits to his farm will allow anyone with an interest in suckler beef production to realise that meeting the needs of his stock in full is John’s most important priority. Good housing facilities are a stand out feature of his yard. The cows have access to excellent calving areas while early Spring born calves can enjoy a fit-for-purpose, straw bedded lying/creep directly adjacent to the cubicles provided for their mothers.

“I have a spring calving herd of 50 cows, John explained.

“They are mostly Limousin crosses which I breed to a range of AI bulls. There is also a young Charolais bull on the farm, which has already thrown a number of top quality, growthy calves.

“I will breed some of my own replacements but will also buy in heifers, when required. My aim is to produce high quality calves that will attract a premium price come the weanling sales.”

“The cows started calving at the end of January and will continue through until March.”

John places tremendous significance in managing cows well in the run up to calving. They are put on a dry cow management program as soon as they are brought indoors at the end of the autumn.  Key to this is the availability of good quality silage, supplemented with Nutribio’s ImmuBoost Pre-Calver Mineral.

“The minerals are crucial,” stressed John.

“I prefer to buy ImmuBoost Pre-Calver in bagged form, which allows me to spread the minerals on top of the silage at the required rate. They help ensure that calves are born fit and healthy with a tremendous will to live.”

Nutribio’s Kevin Conroy was a recent visitor to the Waldron farm. He explained that ImmuBoost Pre-Calver is a highly palatable, premium quality pre-calver mineral designed to protect the health status of the cow and the unborn calf in the dry period.

“The ImmuBoost Pre-Calver Range has been designed to ensure easier calving and to produce strong and healthy calves,” he continued

“Also featuring within the specification are exclusive ingredients, designed to aid in the improvement of colostrum quality thereby reducing the incidence of disease in calves. ImmuBoost Pre-Calver’s mineral and vitamin specification includes high Vitamin E, Iodine and Selenium levels, which help ensure healthy calves with a high level of disease resistance.”

Significantly, ImmuBoost Pre-Calver also contains Bio-Mos™, a natural feed ingredient derived from the cell wall of yeast. This complex carbohydrate product has been scientifically proven around the world to be beneficial to animals.

Bio-Mos™ acts to improve colostrum quality. Specifically, it prevents pathogenic bacteria from attaching to the gut wall, significantly reducing colonisation of salmonella and E. Coli. It also alters gut morphology, improving the absorption of nutrients and helps the immune system respond to infections.”

Kevin Conroy concluded:

“It is crucially important for a suckler cow to produce a healthy calf each year. ImmuBoost Pre-Calver helps to ensure that cows receive that all important mineral and vitamin boost in the run up to calving.

“It is available as bucket or, as is the case with John Waldron, it can be procured in bagged form and the minerals are then simply spread over the silage on a daily basis or can be included in the TMR.

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