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ImmuBoost – Helping to Solve Copper Deficiency Issues

ImmuBoost – Helping to Solve Copper Deficiency Issues

Pedigree Holstein breeder Pascal Walshe milks 115 cows near Edenderry, Co Offaly. His Derrydale herd comprises mainly of the most internationally renowned bloodlines within the black and white breed. Calving all the year round, the herd is currently averaging 7,500 litres with good fat and protein levels.

As has been the case throughout Ireland, 2012 has thrown up many challenges from a grazing point of view. However, in Pascal’s case every effort has been made to ensile crops of grass and arable silage, whenever the weather permitted.

“I still have a 50 acre crop of forage maize to cut towards the end of October. However, the cows spent a lot of time indoors this summer, so I’m not sure if there will be sufficient homemade silage to get me through the winter,” he explained.

Pascal fully recognises the need to manage cows properly throughout the dry period, this is particularly the case where minerals are concerned, given that the soils on the farm are high in molybdenum.

“This locks up the available copper, which means that we have a copper deficiency problem to deal with,” Pascal commented.

“The cows were all blood tested a number of years ago, with the results confirming a copper deficiency challenge. Copper is a trace element that is required by cows the year round,  particularly during the dry period, as they gear up for calving.”

Co-Operative Animal Health Area Manager, P J Doran was a recent visitor to the Co Offaly farm. He confirmed that Pascal has been feeding ImmuBoost X-Mag Vit E Elite Pre-Calver mineral in the run-up to calving for the past number of years – with excellent results. The product can be spread on top of the silage offered to the cows or included in a feeder wagon mix.

“ImmuBoost Elite Pre-Calver contains the highest permitted levels of Bioplex Copper and Bioplex Zinc,” P J commented.

“Copper deficiency has also been associated with reduced immunity to diseases. It may also serve to reduce fertility levels in affected herds.”

Pascal went on to point out that the confirmation of the copper deficiency problem on the farm served to highlight his general awareness of the key nutritional role played by trace elements.

“And just because there are no outward symptoms of a deficiency challenge shouldn’t be taken as a sign that problems do not exist,” he stressed.

“I knew that the cows were not performing up to the standard they should have been achieving. But it took a series of blood tests to confirm the extent of the copper problem on the farm.

“It is crucially important that cows are fed all of the required minerals, trace elements and vitamins during the dry period. This sets them up well for their next lactation. It also ensures that calves are born with plenty of energy and a strong will to live.”

Pascal concluded:

“I have offered ImmuBoost X-Mag Vit E Elite Pre-Calver mineral to all of the dry cows for the past number of years. It has helped me get to grips with the copper deficiency challenge. In addition, problems such as Milk Fever and the onset of post calving metabolic disorders have been kept to an absolute minimum.”     

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