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The Vital 90

Issue Identification

The transition period is the biggest challenge to herd immunity and health
The highest level of veterinary interventions is in this period (80% of yearly total = €48.00 per cow) Source: Teagasc (2015)
Stress levels are also at their highest (for farmer and animals)
There is a large gap between minerals supplied from feed and those required
The factors that contribute to the above issues include:


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The Vital Role of Magnesium

With cows soon to be dried off, or already dry on many farms around the country, the focus of farmers should now be on preparing the cow for a successful calving and strong start to lactation next spring. The key to this is avoiding diseases and metabolic disorders around calving time.
Milk fever is known as the ‘Gateway Disease’, as it leads to a number of other disorders including Retained Placenta, Displaced Abomasum and increased levels of Mastitis in early lactation.

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CCN Crisis Ireland

What is it?

CCN is a condition that affects growing cattle and sheep. The cause is not fully understood, however it is linked with a deficiency of vitamin B1 (Thiamine). Thiamine is critical for the cellular activity in the brain, water and electrolyte balance, and it can lead to a lactate accumulation in the muscles.

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Robotic Milking Parlour Trials

Nutribio are always interested in keeping in touch with what is happening on farm with our customers and identifying ways that we can produce products that will help our customers to get the best return on investment. An example of this is the below trial.
“There is a drop in milk protein in the early lactation period, particularly as the cows head toward peak lactation. This can cause financial loss for both the farmer and the processor alike.

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Calf Rearing – Maximising Genetic Potential and Lifetime Performance

It is vital to utilise the key calf rearing period to maximise the genetic potential and lifetime performance of your calves.

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Dry Cow Management – Hygiene and disease prevention

Hygiene while housing dry cows is key to a successful dry cow management programme. It helps to ensure disease prevention and calving down in optimum health.

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Body Condition Score, Liver Fluke & Immunity

Body Condition Score, Liver Fluke & Immunity   Body Condition Score (BCS) of cows is a key management tool in ensuring that Negative Energy Balance (NEB), an unavoidable condition in early lactation, is controlled and minimised. BCS monitoring throughout the year allows the farmer to actively select […]

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Nutritional Management for Autumn Calving Herds

In spite of the current low milk prices, there are some fundamental management and nutritional practices that should be adhered to coming into the dry period for autumn calving cows. These basic principles will help to reduce costs overall through improved production and less sick animals, and of course will ultimately result in improved fertility performance.

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Managing the Post-Calving Cow

Calving is already underway in some of the earlier spring calving herds in the country, with the majority of herds due to begin calving in the next few weeks. The transition period (3 weeks before and 3 weeks after calving) is a crucial time on dairy farms, and if successful, lays the platform for good production and fertility later in lactation. Any incidence of metabolic disorders in early lactation cows will reduce intake, milk production and fertility performance.

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