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High powered energy and protein (17%) block for high performance ewes and cattle.

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The Nutribio feed block range is a highly versatile range of weatherproof feed supplements that are formulated to bridge the gap between forage and expensive concentrates in cattle and sheep.

Nutribio MegaBoost is a high powered protein and energy feed block specifically formulated for feeding to high performance ewes however it is also suitable and highly effective for cattle. The inclusion of protected protein and fat sources ensure MegaBoost can meet the energy requirements of twin bearing ewes on many farms.


  • Highly palatable for optimum intakes
  • Rich in U.D.P. and protected energy for high performance ewes
  • Contains Bioplex Zinc and high levels of Vitamin E
  • Acts as an aid in the prevention of twin lamb disease
  • Improves roughage intakes and utilisation
  • Improves lambing percentages
  • Improves milk yields and lamb growth rates
  • Reduces stress associated with feeding time (for both the farmer and the animal)
  • Significantly reduces the requirement for concentrates
  • Offers 24-hour nutrition

Nutribio MegaBoost contains completely natural top quality ingredients including, Molasses, Oilseeds (and Oilseed by-products), Protected Protein, Cereals, Protected Fat and Minerals/Vitamins.

No urea is included as it is poorly utilised in the energy deficient rumens of hungry stock. Instead Nutribio MegaBoost feed blocks provide a readily soluble supply of sugars to activate rumen microbes and maximise forage utilisation.

Weather Proof– unlike ordinary feed blocks that either “melt” in the field or crumble at the edges, Nutribio MegaBoost Feed Block is firmly set in weatherproof buckets for maximum protection and ease of handling.

Recommended Daily Intakes

Ewes: 150-200g per head per day
Cattle: 500-1000g per head per day

Feeding Guidelines

1 x 35kg block/50 ewes/4 days

2 x 35kg blocks/20 cattle/5 days

General Feeding Instructions

All blocks can be fed either indoors or outdoors wherever animals have reasonable access. Intakes are generally self-regulatory, dependent on the nutritional requirements of animals and the quality of available forage.

  • With reasonable access, one block per 50 ewes and  cattle will ensure adequate daily intakes.
  • Move blocks occasionally to avoid poaching
  • A common practice is to place the block in a used car tyre at the desired feeding site.
  • Intakes are stimulated my placing the block near the drinking trough.
  • In extremely dry conditions at grass it might be helpful to add water to the bucket in order to keep the licking surface moist and palatable.
  • If intakes are excessive, blocks should be rationed by putting out a set amount at definite pre-determined intervals.

In practice, block intakes will become apparent after a short feeding period and the number of blocks allocated per week can be adjusted accordingly.

It is also recommended the check block availability during periods on inclement weather such as sudden snow falls or severe frosts.

Buffer stocks of blocks are useful for quick, easy feeding during these critical periods when losses can be severe.