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ImmuBoost – a crucial part of pre lambing flock management in Donegal

ImmuBoost – a crucial part of pre lambing flock management in Donegal

Donegal, like most other counties in Ireland, has experienced a very mild and damp winter to date. As a consequence, ewe flocks have enjoyed access to a plentiful grass supply over the last number of weeks. However, Thomas Porter and his son Richard, who farm on the outskirts of Monargan – in the south west of the county – firmly, believe that every step must be taken to ensure that the nutritional requirements of their pre-lambing flock are met in full.

“We run a flock of 50 Texel cross Cheviot ewes,” Thomas explained.

“Our aim is to produce growthy, well shaped lambs that will make a good price when sold as stores later in the summer.

“Lambing got underway at the beginning of February and will continue through until the end of the month. The entire flock was scanned at the turn of the year, so we know now that we can expect a maximum lambing percentage of around 180 for 2012.”

But it’s the number of lambs actually sold that count towards the bottom line at the end of the year.

“It is really important to have the ewes in good condition at lambing and that lambs are born with plenty of thrive, once they hit the ground,” Richard explained.

“It is for this reason that we put the ImmuBoost Ewe and Lamb buckets out with the flock approximately six weeks before the start of the lambing season. It has been our experience that by taking this approach, the ewes have plenty of good quality colostrum, which gives lambs that all-important start.

“Lambs are born with bundles of energy and there are very few problems with retained cleanings and post lambing metabolic problems.

Nutribio’s Kevin Conroy recently called in with Thomas and Richard to find out how well this year’s lambing season is progressing.

“ImmuBoost Ewe and Lamb is part of the tried and trusted ImmuBoost Range from Nutribio,” he explained.

“This product is a complementary molassed feed block designed to boost both the animal’s immune system and health status, leading to increased profitability for the farmer.

“ImmuBoost Ewe and Lamb contains high levels of vitamins and minerals including, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Cobalt, Iodine, Manganese, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamins A,D3, E and B vitamins.  The block also contains a highly digestible key ingredient known as Bio-MosTM , which has been scientifically proven to boost colostrum quality and increase the yield of colostrum.”

It has been widely confirmed on sheep farms throughout Ireland that the use of ImmuBoost Ewe and Lamb supports the immunity development of both the ewe and her unborn lamb, while also promoting easier lambing.

The product also contributes to the production good quality colostrum and heavier lamb weight gain. ImmuBoost also acts as an aid in increasing  disease resistance, feed efficiency and animal performance. It aids in the reduction of stress associated with feeding time for both animal and farmer. ImmuBoost may also eliminate the requirement for concentrates, depending on quality of silage and number of births.

“The ImmuBoost buckets represent the only form of additional feed offered to the ewes prior to lambing,” Richard Porter further explained.

“They are brought indoors approximately five days before giving birth and then put back out on to fresh grass two days after the lambs are born.”

He concluded:

“Lamb prices are good at the present time. And, yes we would consider increasing ewe numbers. But the bottom line remains that of maximising flock performance.”

Click here to check out Immuboost Ewe and Lamb and what it can do for your flock.