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Fresh Cow Problem Reduction

fresh cow and calf

Fresh Cow Problem Reduction

During the close-up period the dairy cow faces a number of challenges, most of which can be linked to the ever increasing nutrient demands of a rapidly growing calf. Reduced Dry Matter Intake (DMI), which is typical of freshening cows, constitutes a huge issue.

The cow partitions a large proportion of her energy supply to the unborn calf, leaving her undernourished and requiring additional energy, which she mobilises from her fat reserves. This results in cows being in Negative Energy Balance before they even begin producing milk. Cows under this sort of stress tend to have more difficult calvings and are more likely to suffer from one or more metabolic disorders.

Post calving, most cows still suffer from reduced DMI, and it is often 6 weeks or more before this situation corrects itself. Reduced DMI coupled with the nutrient requirements of milk production can pre-dispose cows to Fatty Liver Syndrome, Ketosis and indeed Metabolic Disorders such as Metritis (Whites) as the immune system of cows under this kind of stress is severely impaired.

So what efforts can we make to try to reduce these stresses on the cow and minimise economic losses for the farmer?

One simple solution can be found through the administration of a 500g sachet of Fresh Cow YMCP from Nutribio, mixed with 19 litres of warm water immediately after calving. Fresh Cow YMCP contains Yeast, Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium as well as Niacin, Zinc and other vitamins.

  • Yeast serves to “activate” the rumen and kick start the rumen of the freshly calved cow, helping to improve DMI , increase rumen fill, which reduces the risk of Displaced Abomasum occurring.
  • Magnesium helps to improve calcium metabolism and can buffer the rumen to help prevent acidosis, which can occur as the diet changes from a Dry Cow mix to the Milking Cow ration.
  • Calcium aids in the prevention of Milk Fever and Retained Placenta as well as improving the all-important smooth muscle function – contraction of the uterus, correct rumen function and teat canal opening and closure.
  • Potassium helps maintain electrolyte balance, regulate blood pH and also impacts on energy metabolism and smooth muscle tone.
  • Niacin impacts on liver health and function, while Zinc, Selenium and Vitamins A and E contribute to improved immunity.

Fresh Cow YMCP gives the fresh cow the best possible start to her lactation, which in turn leads to less uterine infections and overall improved fertility. There is no doubt that a good start is half the battle!

Click here for further details on Fresh Cow YMCP

Andrew McInerney Nutritionist, Nutribio / CAHL



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